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Model IoT Arduino Home

If you are reading this blog I am sure that you know it is possible to run an entire home monitoring and security system using only an Arduino!  Aaron Kow has done exactly this. However, rather than setting up his entire house, he has made a dollhouse sized model to demonstrate just how effective and easily Arduino can be to used control and monitor your home.

Small Scale Model

You can access data and control your demonstration smart home from any internet connected phone or computer. Aaron has come up with a very comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to emulate his project which you can find at the following link.

System Design

Undertaking a project like this could be a great way to develop your skills and confidence before you start working on a system for your entire house! Check out the video below to see the project in action!

If you plan on building your own dollhouse sized automation and security system you will most likely be needing a temperature and humidity sensor. The team at SuperHouse Automation recommends the Freetronics Humidity and Temperature Sensor Module. To find out more visit the product page.

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