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Vlog 72: Pick-and-Place road trip!

My dad came over early Sunday morning so we could pick up a truck and begin our whirlwind adventure tour:

We spent Sunday driving to Canberra, where we stayed overnight with my aunt before going to Glen English’s factory on Monday morning. Glen has just purchased a huge new Samsung PnP that will replace all his existing machines.

It took a few hours to get everything packed and loaded, then we headed back to Melbourne and arrived late Monday evening. I unloaded all the feeders and other accessories, leaving just the chassis of the machines in the truck.

Tuesday morning I drove the truck over to my friend Lachlan’s factory in Bayswater where we unloaded the chassis and covered them up to keep them clean.

Now I need to set up somewhere for them to live!

I’m going to build a positive-pressure cleanroom so they have a nice environment to operate in, without any dust to get in and disrupt the party.

There’s a lot of work still to do but I’m really excited about this big new development.

Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be well set up to do high-quality assembly fairly quickly, and I’ll be able to do production runs of SuperHouse boards to get stock levels up to a reasonable level.

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