Payment and Shipping

We conduct all business in Australian dollars, but you can pay using any currency you prefer via Paypal. It will be converted from your local currency to AUD by Paypal. To check current exchange rates you can use the online service at

Payment Methods

We accept payments via Paypal and online credit card.


Once you have added items to your cart just select “Proceed to checkout” or “Checkout with Paypal” and follow the steps. Either option will work.

Credit Card

Once you have added items to your cart, select “Checkout with Paypal”. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a Paypal account or sign up with them! Once you reach the Paypal screen you will see it is divided into two halves. The right half is for people logging in with an existing Paypal account or signing up for Paypal, while the left half will allow you to enter your credit card details and submit them just as you would with any other payment gateway. Fill in the credit card details and submit the payment.


Our objective is to always ship within 24 hours. We’ll happily ship anywhere in the world, but delivery times will vary. We generally use Australia Post for both domestic and international destinations since they are quite cheap and deliver fairly fast.

Delivery times within Australia are generally within 2 and 7 working days of placing your order. Delivery times to our international customers can vary, however is usually between 10 working days and four weeks.

Shipping cost is calculated by the shopping cart software depending on a combination of the weight and destination, so a price can’t be determined until you’ve put items in your cart and begun the checkout process. Just as a guideline, some typical shipping costs for various scenarios are as follows:
One or two items (eg: EtherTens or Elevens) shipped within Australia: AU$5.85.
Four to six items shipped within Australia: AU$11.95.
One or two items shipped to the US or Europe: AU$9.30.
Four items shipped to the US or Europe: AU$21.30.