I try to respond to comments and answer questions whenever possible, but unfortunately I can only provide personal assistance to paying clients.

I wish that I could personally help everyone who contacts me with questions, but it’s impossible. In fact it’s got to the point that I can’t even read all the messages I get.

As of December 2017 I have 47,724 unread emails, and a good number of them are people asking me to help them with their projects. I have students asking for help with class projects, electrical contractors asking for help with client installations, and hobbyists asking for help with their personal projects.

I also receive technical questions and requests for help through Facebook, Twitter, Slack, YouTube, WeChat, Skype, LinkedIn, and iMessage.

So if I’ve linked you to this page, or I don’t reply to you at all, please don’t be offended.

The reason I make SuperHouse videos is to help people with their projects, because it’s more efficient to help thousands of viewers with each video than to spend the same amount of time answering individual questions privately.

In the few minutes it’s taken me to write this short page I’ve received another 6 emails! I keep going backwards 🙁

9 thoughts on “Assistance

  1. Hi Jonathan

    What din rail relais do you use in your electrical cabinet?
    Can’t seem to find good ones on the internet.


    Jonathan C.

    1. on episode #24, links to relays are provided. Look under Resources.

  2. Hi Jonathan
    Do you sell the Sonoff th10 with the switch firmware installers so I can use GOPO14 and Gnd on the 2.5 jack plug to control a Uk light switch.

    1. I don’t sell the Sonoff, it’s just a device that I like and use myself. It’s possible that I’ll be able to sell them once they have Australian approval, which should be soon. I checked with ITEAD yesterday about approval status and was told they have someone working on it.

      If enough people want them, I could probably provide a “Sonoff customisation” service though, where I sell Sonoffs that I’ve modified by soldering in the programming header and reflashing with new firmware.

      1. Jonathan. Thank you for our reply. I am in the UK so if you could set up two Sonoff with the switch possibility it would be great. If Sonoff are going to provide this please keep us updated.
        Br Tommy

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    It’s really awesome to watch your latest video regarding your visit to ITEAD office in China, got to know several things about it.

    – I have designed my home automation solution using ESP8266 chips custom designed my PCBs and clubbed it using MQTT configured on my Raspberry Pi server.
    – I am able to control my home appliances, room lights using mobile app and alexa voice service.
    – I am very eager to know two things right now:

    1. How I can club RF Module with my existing ESP8266 PCBs to control it as same as Sonoff RF module. I want to turn on room lights from my mobile and then turn off through RF remote. Both ways. I dont know now how to do it as sonoff RF do.
    2. I want to make system auto discoverable. I mean the esp8266 circuit should work as smart things. Not a specific network SSID/PWD specific which we do coding in ESP8266 chips.

    Kindly do let me know about these.

  4. Hi Jonathan.

    I recently discovered your project and everything you seems super nice. I want to start to automate my lights as well but i was wondering if you can have a center controller (the arduino) and be able to open/close the lights from the light switch and voice control (in the situation where we don’t have separate lines for each light bulb)

    Best regards,

  5. Jonathan
    My issue is with an order I placed on your Superhouse website. When you have a chance please let me know if you can help with a shipping address change of that order.

  6. hi jonathan
    can you please show me details of how to wire up the light switch mechanism to the itead TH16 to use switch and wifi together using TRRS 4 way plug/socket as you show in your video clip SuperHouseTV #21: Six Sonoff Secrets: Storage, Safety, Switches … 27 minute mark
    also i bought a TH16 from itead and opened it up and it does not have a fuse like on website shows ,is this a problem? or is it old stock maybe
    thanks rick
    ps, i am far from an expert for these things . i just like the idea

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