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The best place to ask is on the SuperHouse Forum or SuperHouse Discord server. Both the forum and the Discord server have hundreds of enthusiastic people who can help you with questions about home automation, hardware hacking, software, and other fun topics.

Personal Assistance

I try to respond to comments and answer questions whenever possible, but unfortunately I can only provide personal assistance to paying clients.

I wish that I could personally help everyone who contacts me with questions, but it’s impossible. In fact it’s got to the point that I can’t even read all the messages I get. If I haven’t replied to you, it’s likely that I haven’t even seen your message.

The reason I make SuperHouse videos is to help people with their projects, because it’s more efficient to help thousands of viewers with each video than to spend the same amount of time answering individual questions privately.

As of December 2017 I have 47,724 unread emails, and many of them are people asking me to help them with their projects for free. Students ask for help with class projects, electrical contractors ask for help with client installations, and hobbyists ask for help with their personal projects.

However, if you need personal assistance I’m happy to provide it on a paid consulting basis.

In the few minutes it’s taken me to write this short page I’ve received another 6 emails! I keep going backwards 🙁


I’m available for design, engineering, and consulting work at an hourly rate or fixed project fee. I can provide services related to:

  • Home automation
  • Assistive technology
  • Satellite design
  • Embedded systems
  • Robotics
  • General electronics prototyping, design, and manufacturing
  • 3D design and printing

Email me at to discuss a quote.

19 thoughts on “Assistance

  1. Hi Jonathan

    What din rail relais do you use in your electrical cabinet?
    Can’t seem to find good ones on the internet.


    Jonathan C.

    1. on episode #24, links to relays are provided. Look under Resources.

  2. Hi Jonathan
    Do you sell the Sonoff th10 with the switch firmware installers so I can use GOPO14 and Gnd on the 2.5 jack plug to control a Uk light switch.

    1. I don’t sell the Sonoff, it’s just a device that I like and use myself. It’s possible that I’ll be able to sell them once they have Australian approval, which should be soon. I checked with ITEAD yesterday about approval status and was told they have someone working on it.

      If enough people want them, I could probably provide a “Sonoff customisation” service though, where I sell Sonoffs that I’ve modified by soldering in the programming header and reflashing with new firmware.

      1. Jonathan. Thank you for our reply. I am in the UK so if you could set up two Sonoff with the switch possibility it would be great. If Sonoff are going to provide this please keep us updated.
        Br Tommy

      2. I’ll be interested when this comes available. Im in Australia.

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    It’s really awesome to watch your latest video regarding your visit to ITEAD office in China, got to know several things about it.

    – I have designed my home automation solution using ESP8266 chips custom designed my PCBs and clubbed it using MQTT configured on my Raspberry Pi server.
    – I am able to control my home appliances, room lights using mobile app and alexa voice service.
    – I am very eager to know two things right now:

    1. How I can club RF Module with my existing ESP8266 PCBs to control it as same as Sonoff RF module. I want to turn on room lights from my mobile and then turn off through RF remote. Both ways. I dont know now how to do it as sonoff RF do.
    2. I want to make system auto discoverable. I mean the esp8266 circuit should work as smart things. Not a specific network SSID/PWD specific which we do coding in ESP8266 chips.

    Kindly do let me know about these.

  4. Hi Jonathan.

    I recently discovered your project and everything you seems super nice. I want to start to automate my lights as well but i was wondering if you can have a center controller (the arduino) and be able to open/close the lights from the light switch and voice control (in the situation where we don’t have separate lines for each light bulb)

    Best regards,

  5. Jonathan
    My issue is with an order I placed on your Superhouse website. When you have a chance please let me know if you can help with a shipping address change of that order.

  6. hi jonathan
    can you please show me details of how to wire up the light switch mechanism to the itead TH16 to use switch and wifi together using TRRS 4 way plug/socket as you show in your video clip SuperHouseTV #21: Six Sonoff Secrets: Storage, Safety, Switches … 27 minute mark
    also i bought a TH16 from itead and opened it up and it does not have a fuse like on website shows ,is this a problem? or is it old stock maybe
    thanks rick
    ps, i am far from an expert for these things . i just like the idea

  7. Hello, great videos, i am in software business but friend’s request landed me on your and sonoff youtube videos, really really enjoyed your explanation and advise. So i am doing little proof of concept for my buddy.

    I have ordered TH10 and TH16 along with accessories from sonoff website, here is my requirement and seek your guidance, may be you already have a solution that we can purchase from you and install at my friends place.

    i dont want to control (on or off) the device, but i would like device to periodically (configurable but say hourly, daily etc. transmit temperature, humidity data back to specified ftp site or on servers, we would like to report and analyse the data. Turning off and on is great feature but our requirements are little different.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Hi Jonathan,

    I am very inspired by your work here and I am doing research on how I will wire up my next home. I have watched your video on connecting-security-sensors-to-arduino. Could you recommend a PIR motion Sensor?

    Will this one work?:

  9. As a person new to this type of electronics and the various systems used for home automation i started with the Sonoff 10… I quickly discovered the shortcomings with the Itead software and I’m now trying to ‘flash’ the Sonoff to a more friendly easier to use and reliable software… I started with the Tasmota but although I managed to run the software it stopped once i connected to the Sonoff wifi, I then ran out of ideas. I then thought I might try Home Assistant but it proved to be impossible for me, a complete novice, to get the desired results… In my hobby space I use an IPad Pro, and. Macbook Pro. Both are running the latest software

  10. Hi Jonathan,

    I saw quiet few video of you home automation, which is really great & helped us a lot. In most of your automation you have used Arduino Uno. I’m just wondering is it a commercial device? Can we sell it to end customers directly? Or do we need to have some regulation & license? to sell. Reason I’m asking is we are planning something similar.
    There are different embedded board available in Market such as Arduino, ST Microelectronics Nucleo F**ZT Series, are these commercial products? As they say it’s a evaluation board, I’m wondering whether we can use it for commercial purpose or not?
    Any help on this would be great help for us.

  11. Hello there Jonathan

    I’d like to thank you for your efforts.
    I have a question if you mind and it’s about the six sonoff secret’s episode – Switches Part- : I tried exactly what you explaind but it doesn’t work. Do i need to do something else ? ( a firmwire upgrade for example)

    Thank you. ( excuse my english i’m a french speaker )

  12. Hello,

    I tried (unsuccesfully) to use a TH16 to control my indoor A/C splitters.
    I tried to control on/off, mode (heating, cooling, ventilation and dezumidification) and temperature.
    By any chance, did you build such kind of project? Any ideas will be great. 🙂


  13. I am proud supporter on Pateron and enjoy your products and videos. Not sure if you can assist but I have some Clipsal passive infrared sensor around the home is it possible to hack the Commercial sensor and instead of switching lights on via hard wiring send the signal to a sonoff unit to remote lights?
    Is this possible how can this be achieved?

    1. G’day John Atho,
      I’ll assume the passive infrared sensor(PIR) your referring to is something similar to Clipsal 750WP or alike & you are currently a Licenced A-Grade Electrician and you are complying to the AS3000:2018 or intend to have a sparky do any AC Low Voltage work done for you.

      The LV goes in @230V, through the PIR normally open(N/O) out at 230V when the PIR is active and the normally open contact is energized and closed.

      So to “Hack” at the PIR is really not recommend as it would void the compliance of this device. However if you were to take the feed from the 230V output of the PIR device and attach it to a 230VAC rated relay, a 230VAC idec or omron relay should do the trick and not cost to much.

      So grab the active out feed from the PIR, Run a 1.5mm SDI back to your DB, Install the relay on the din rail of your DB & connect the Neural up from the same final sub circuit. A1=Active, A2=Neutral, then Signal cable can just go into the NO 13-14 or NC21-22 or whatever the number maybe.
      Then you got yourself an extra low voltage digital signal switch.

      Use a Registered Electrical Contractor for all non-appliance Low-Voltage work.

  14. Hi Jonathan
    Is it possible to connect a external Wi-fi antenna up to a standard sonoff to increase the Wi-fi range?

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