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This board is not yet available. We’re still testing the prototype and writing the software! If you’d like to be involved in the discussion about the design of the board, please join the SuperHouse Discord server and check out the #assistive-technology channel.

This wheelchair motor controller is for chairs with two 24V DC motors and solenoid controlled brakes. This includes most common chairs, such as the Permobil M3 and M5.

Based on the ATmega32U4 MCU to be compatible with the Arduino Leonardo, so you can re-flash and customise the controller to suit your needs.

Uses a RoboClaw combat robot motor driver, but is supplied without the RoboClaw so you can select the appropriate capacity RoboClaw to suit your requirements.

We’ve also designed a 3D-printed case to enclose the PCB, and mount the CAN bus connectors.


  • ATmega32U4 processor (Arduino Leonardo compatible)
  • CAN bus interface with 24V supplied to the bus
  • Mounting lugs for RoboClaw motor driver
  • XT90 connector for 24V DC power supply from the chair battery pack
  • XT60 connectors for outputs to left and right motors
  • XT30 connectors for outputs to left and right brake solenoids
  • Serial communication with RoboClaw to send commands and receive data, such as motor current consumption



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