Permobil I2C Control Module


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WARNING: Modifying the control system of an electric wheelchair can be extremely dangerous. This module should only be used for R&D purposes, or for controlling a chair when nobody is in it.

The CHAIRI2C module connects to the joystick input port on a Permobil power wheelchair controller, and pretends to be a joystick. It provides an I2C interface so that you can connect it to a microcontroller board such as an Arduino, and control the wheelchair movement from software.

This gives you tremendous flexibility to experiment with controlling the chair in new ways, or using custom devices. For example, you could use a voice-control system that sends I2C commands to the CHAIRI2C module to move the chair. Or you could connect a radio link or WiFi, so that you can control the chair remotely.


  • Plugs directly into the joystick port on a Permobil wheelchair controller.
  • Generates analog output to emulate joystick position.
  • I2C interface for connection to your microcontroller.
  • Works with either 3.3V or 5V MCUs.



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