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This device is not yet available. We’re still testing prototypes! If you’d like to be involved in the discussion about the design or to help with testing, please join the SuperHouse Discord server and check out the #assistive-technology channel.

Touch switches allow people with limited strength to control
 a wheelchair, computer, or other device.

Conditions such as muscular dystrophy can prevent people
 from using mechanical switches.

Most touch switches use coin-cell batteries, that go flat very
 quickly and need to be replaced often. Replacing batteries
 is difficult or impossible for people with limited mobility or

Touch Switch One can be powered from an electric
 wheelchair so that it doesn’t need its own battery.


  • Power from wheelchair, never change batteries
  • Provides a switched output, compatible with the
 Mini Open Adaptive Controller and other devices
  • Small touch pad can be mounted separately to the main
 control box, to allow it to be located in the best position
  • 2.1mm DC jack for power connection



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