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This device is not yet available. We’re still testing prototypes! If you’d like to be involved in the discussion about the design or to help with testing, please join the SuperHouse Discord server and check out the #assistive-technology channel.

This board fits inside a Flysky FSi6 transmitter so that it can be controlled using messages over CAN bus.

This allows drones, aircraft, and R/C cars to be controlled indirectly using software messages sent over the CAN bus, with the Flysky transmitter sending the commands to the vehicle.

The purpose is to allow people who use specialised input devices to use remote-controlled vehicles using the best method to suit their physical needs. This includes assistive-technology button boxes, wheelchair joystick controls, sip-and-puff interfaces, EMG interfaces, etc.

A switch mounted in the transmitter case allows you to select either joystick control or CAN bus control, so that it can be used like a “buddy” system with one person controlling a drone or plane for take-off and landing, and switching control to another person via CAN bus during flight.

This device is being developed to work with our Wheelchair Control Breakout, but you can adapt it to suit your own needs.


  • Fits entirely inside the case of the Flysky FSi6 and attaches to a header on the FSi6 PCB
  • Generates filtered analog output using PWM to simulate joystick position
  • Receives commands via CAN bus
  • Powered from the Flysky transmitter
  • Switch to flip between “joystick” and “CAN Bus” mode
  • Arduino compatible so you can hack the firmware yourself
  • ATmega328P MCU (same as Arduino Uno)
  • MCP2515 + MCP2551 CAN interface (Arduino library available)


In this video, Nick is controlling a robot chassis with our second prototype:

This is Nick using a very early prototype of the Chair Breakout Mini and a Flysky transmitter to drive an RC car using his wheelchair joystick:


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