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#2: Arduino-controlled home automation switchboard

The automation switchboards in my house have Ethernet interfaces thanks to an EtherTen (just like an Arduino Uno, but with built-in Ethernet and PoE) mounted inside. This episode shows the switchboard internals, including how the EtherTens switch output loads around the house. It also shows the termination of the house network that starts out as a bit of a mess, but is much neater by the end of the video.

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2 thoughts on “#2: Arduino-controlled home automation switchboard

  1. I tried looking at your design but I am not really familiar with the type of relay switch you are using.. What type or kind of relay should I be using if I am going to make a system like this?

    1. You can use any relay Arduino compatible. Check Jon’s another video about the controller, he posted some links here

      Or just google “dpdt relay” (single pole is also ok), you will also need “din rail mount”, but you can use any other types, not necessarily rail mounted.

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