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#1: Home automation system architecture

A basic introduction to the approach I’m taking with linking high-voltage devices in my house to the automation system, and how logical inputs are associated with outputs using MQTT.

Apology: The “threat” I attribute to Andy in the video is not something he’s ever said, or something I’d expect him to say. He’s a peaceful soul, and it was purely hyperbole on my part when I was recording the video!

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Music credits: the track used in the intro and ending is “Interface” by ElectroLatrine, Used with permission.

2 thoughts on “#1: Home automation system architecture

  1. Hi, Jonathan, and thanks for your videos!

    I’m getting ready to build a home and would like to set up the home in the manner you are demonstrating.

    I had just begun watching your first video, “Home Automation System Architecture”, when I noticed that it was posted in 2012, almost 6 years ago. I’m sure a lot has changed since then and I’m worried that some of the information might be obsolete.




  2. This is not how housed in the UK are wired- we use a ring main around the lights with a spur from each lamp to each switch. So, the place to put the ‘intelligence’ is at the light fitting. The switch can then be a manual ‘interrupt’ to request action, and the device can be ethernet, WiFi, WHY. Simple to retro in case of problems, and no extra wiring needed.

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