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Vlog #64: New version of the Sonoff Programming Adapter

My original design for the Sonoff Programming Adapter had a power switch on it, but the switches turned out to be rubbish quality so I put on pin headers instead.

Now I’ve updated the design based on feedback in the forum, so they’ll have a normally-closed button in the power line and will ship with both a socket and a pin header so that you can decide which one you want to install.

The Sonoff Programming Adapter page will be updated soon with the new model.

5 thoughts on “Vlog #64: New version of the Sonoff Programming Adapter

  1. Hi Jonathan!
    I wanted to know if there’s any way to log the temperature and humidity data onto a google sheet or something. Will be really helpful. I would prefer using the original firmware, just wanted a way to get this logged. Thanks!

  2. Any plans to support other SONOFF boards that don’t use the standard pin pitch connector?
    Looking for a pogo pin version for the Sonoff S26 Smart Plug

    1. Would you have a pogo version?

      1. Not yet, but a few people have suggested it. That was my original plan, but it would take me a long time to assemble each one.

  3. Hi Jon,

    Do you know anything about sonoff certification in Australia?

    I found that link in one of the forums, but not exactly sure what that means:

    They say some models are certified.

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