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Use this adapter to load your own firmware onto Sonoff devices from ITEAD.

The adapter provides a common 6-pin serial header on one side for connection of a USB-to-serial converter, and provides a 4-pin header on the other side in the correct format to match the programming header inside many Sonoff models.

Includes controller of the power line to allow the Sonoff to be power-cycled without disconnecting.

Note: Does not convert voltage, so you must use a 3.3V USB-to-Serial converter.

The newest version comes with both header types, but they’re loose so you have to select which one you want and solder it on yourself. The newest version also has a button to power-cycle the Sonoff, instead of a jumper. The button is much more convenient to use.

Details of the new version:

The older versions were:

The pin header version which came with a pre-installed 6-way pin header for connection to USB-to-Serial adapters that have a socket.

The socket version which came with a pre-installed 6-way socket for connection to USB-to-Serial adapters that have pin headers.


  • 6-pin header matching FTDI cable pinout (with either a socket or a pin header)
  • 4-pin header matching many Sonoff models
  • Jumper or button to allow power-cycling without disconnecting

Compatible Sonoff models include:

  • Sonoff Basic
  • Sonoff TH10 / TH16
  • Sonoff POW
  • Sonoff 4Ch Pro
  • Sonoff 4Ch Pro R2


Additional information

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 15 mm
FTDI Header Type

Pin Header, Socket, Both

1 review for Sonoff Programming Adapter

  1. Norm

    I bought the USB Serial Adapter and the Sonoff Programming Adapter together as I imagine most people would so a review of the pair is appropriate. I had purchased to flash some Sonoff switches to work on Home Assistant.
    The USB Serial adapter is well made. The screen printing is easy to read and there are TX and RX lights that flash making it easy to see when the unit is functioning. I have only used it where 3.3 volt is required, but the switch to allow use of 5.0 or 3.3 volt gives a positive click so it would be difficult to have in the wrong position.
    The “pin header” programming adapter fits snugly into the serial adapter with no play at all and the output pins are set up to match the Sonoff board nicely.
    The two units work well together and it was a simple task to poke the pins through the holes in the Sonoff board and this provided enough contact for the flashing. I did not need to solder pins or headers or use bluetac to stop the pins moving in the holes. The flashing itself went flawlessly on each occasion I used it.
    Very happy with the devices, with the pair being posted about 6 hours after the order was placed.


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