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The factory tours of Shenzhen: Jiafuh Metal & Plastics

Karl has been busy! The next episode of his video series “State of Electronics” is up already, and it covers a fascinating topic: how plastic parts are made for electronic products. For electronics hobbyists, most of the focus is on circuit boards and parts and all the bits that go inside a device. The idea of going to the next level and designing a custom-fabricated case or other part seems totally out of reach unless you use a low-volume, low-accuracy method like 3D printing.

In this episode Karl shows how the Jiafuh factory turns out millions of plastic parts for all sorts of products, including mobile phone chargers, product cases, and even car parts.

Maybe some time soon I’ll be able to do a custom injection-moulded case for a SuperHouse project 🙂

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  1. Sorry for being picky but several times when explaining spark erosion the liquid is described as water. It is actually a dielectric (non conductive) liquid such as kerosene or another light oil. Please see:

    Cheers, KM.

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