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The electronics markets of Shenzhen, China

If you can’t get enough of the Huaqiangbei electronics markets in Shenzhen, China, then check out this new video! My friend Karl has been very busy editing the footage he recorded on our recent trip to China, and he’s just released his latest video.

Please subscribe to his channel (State of Electronics) on YouTube if you want to see more of these types of videos.

Near the end of the video there’s discussion of some custom switches that I had manufactured while we were over there. They’ll be a major feature of an upcoming SuperHouse video about more advanced home automation light switches.

2 thoughts on “The electronics markets of Shenzhen, China

  1. Out of curiosity, towards the end of the video were the “custom parts” you ordered referring to RGB buttons for wall plates by chance? And if so are you planning on making boards for ethernet jack adaptation? (Sorry in advance if I’m getting ahead of a future episode?)

  2. Thanks for the info on Shenzhen – its given me a lot of food for thought in approaching manufacture of alternate wifi controlled switches


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