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SuperHouse Vlog #59: Announcing the SuperHouse online store!

I’m finally taking the step of adding an online store to the SuperHouse site to make it easier to share parts for my projects. I often have people ask where they can buy boards I’ve designed for the projects in SuperHouse, so now I’ll be able to list them for sale.

5 thoughts on “SuperHouse Vlog #59: Announcing the SuperHouse online store!

  1. Great stuff Jonathon, I find the topics you cover to be very interesting to me, as my interests are very similar to yours.
    I am glad to see that you are going to make some of your boards available, and will undoubtedly place an order soon.

    1. Thanks David, I appreciate it 🙂

  2. Thats a great addition Jonathan. Watching your episodes since a couple of weeks and was impressed what you could create and realize with the arduino. Looking forward to the store. Keep it up. Greetings from germany.

    1. Thanks Robert!

  3. Dear Jonathan, been a fan for quite some time and I’m very excited about the possibility of being able to buy some of the parts that you discuss during your videos. I’m going to rewire my entire house next month (hopefully done by January) and I would like to buy some of the components for the lights and maybe the EtherMega. However I have two questions if I may:
    1) Would I be able to get them in Europe (Belgium)? If not would buying a Elegoo – Mega 2560 R3 with a Smraza Ethernet Shield W5100 do the trick?
    2) If you would be redoing your house today, would you still use the CAT5 cable for the light switches, or would you just use a different one?

    For my data home networking I’m going to use CAT7 and a Netgear PoE switch. Ideally I would be powering the EtherMega (or Adruino Mega r3 device), through the PoE switch and also keep it connected to the network monitoring any light switch activities.

    Sorry to the lengthy post, however as I’m doing the schematics now and going to start demolition next week I need to make all my purchases and decisions now. Greetings from Belgium.

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