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Latest chapter in State of Electronics: The Rise of the Maker Movement

For many years now my friend Karl von Moller has been interviewing people within the Australian electronics industry to build a picture of the state of the industry, and to report on where it’s going.

The latest chapter is now up on YouTube. It features many local engineers and Makers, including myself, so you can see what I looked like when I briefly had the start of a beard! Karl will be travelling to Shenzhen, China with me at the end of next week, and this episode is a prelude to what will be reported back after that trip. The video thumbnail is actually me watching my DIY pick-and-place machine populating an ESP-8266 based PCB, and much of the background footage (including footage of Angus from Espressif working on that same board) was recorded in my lab.


2 thoughts on “Latest chapter in State of Electronics: The Rise of the Maker Movement

  1. Very interesting, I agree with all that was said. I am retired now, but still greatly enjoy working with electronics even after 50 years designing and building electronics from vacuum tubes to microprocessors and beyond. I think Australia has a great future in the area of niche products that the “Big Boys” can’t be bothered with.

  2. This I should really interesting! Thankyou for sharing – I think I could learn a lot from these guys 🙂

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