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Mount up to 4 Relay Driver Shields side by side, and control them all using I2C so that you can have up to 32 switched relay outputs.

Note: This is still a beta test board. It was designed as part of a discussion on the SuperHouse forum about how to mount multiple Relay Driver Shields. It has been tested with the pin header links, but I don’t have any Qwiic or Grove connectors to populate those on the PCB so I haven’t tested them. If you have those connectors, feel free to fit them and report back in the forum!

Supplied with the shield headers and pin headers installed, but other connectors unpopulated.


  • Mounting locations for 4 x Relay Driver Shields.
  • 6-way pin header connection for linking to an Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, or other microcontroller board.
  • Qwiic connector mounting pads only) for linking to a SparkFun Qwiic board.
  • Grove connector mounting pads only) for linking to a Seeed Studio Grove board.
  • Links all I2C connections together: set a different address on each shield.
  • Screw terminal mounting point for powering relays when controlled by Qwiic or Grove.


Test using 4 Relay Driver Shields, each with a different I2C address set using jumpers:

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 250 × 60 × 15 mm


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