OLED Shield LCD Adapter


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Connect the 128×128 pixel OLED module to your Arduino-compatible board for a tiny, handy display with a joystick input and piezo sound output!

The module can be plugged in directly on top of the shield, or connected via the supplied cable for remote mounting.

The top of the shield features an analog joystick that you can use to select menu items on the LCD, play games, move a cursor, or whatever else you can think of. The joystick button is connected to digital pin 6, and the X & Y position inputs are connected to analog pins A2 & A3.

Underneath the shield is a piezo speaker connected to Arduino digital pin 9, which is PWM-capable so that you can play tones on the shield.

By combining an OLED, a joystick, and a piezo module all together on your Arduino, you can even create your own games!


  • Mount OLED module directly on the shield or externally usin the supplied cable
  • Joystick input


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Weight 55 g
Dimensions 145 × 94 × 30 mm


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