Robot 2WD base


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This is part of “Operation Make-Space”, in which I get rid of things that are taking up storage space and I probably don’t need anymore. Please do NOT share the URL for this product. It’s a special offer just for my Patreon supporters.

Note: the kit may vary from the photos. One of the problems I had with these is the design kept changing.

This 2-wheel-drive chassis kit is easy to assemble, and can be combined with other parts to build your own little robot. Requires minor soldering to connect wires to the motors. The base plate includes mounting holes for many additional parts, so you can add sensors and servos to customise your robot.

  • Plastic base plate
  • 2 DC geared motors with wheels
  • Motor mounting brackets
  • Idler wheel with mounting bracket
  • Optical encoder wheels to mount on motor axles
  • Battery holder (requires 4 x AA cells)
  • Mounting holes for battery holder and other add-ons

Motor specs:

  • Working voltage: 3-6Vdc
  • Gearbox ratio: 48:1
  • Motor size: 70x22x18mm
  • Motor weight: 50g
  • Wheel diameter: 66mm
  • Wheel weight: 12g

Additional information

Weight 315 g
Dimensions 210 × 150 × 35 mm


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