DT-830B budget multimeter


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This is part of “Operation Make-Space”, in which I get rid of things that are taking up storage space and I probably don’t need anymore. Please do NOT share the URL for this product. It’s a special offer just for my Patreon supporters.

A basic budget multimeter, nothing special, but it could be handy as an extra to keep in your tool box or in the car. Model is DT-830B. Does all the normal multi-metery things:

  • DC Volts (0.1mV – 1000V)
  • AC Volts (0.1V – 750V)
  • DC Amps (0.1mA – 10A)
  • Resistance (0.1 Ohms – 2M Ohms)
  • Diode forward voltage drop
  • hFE bipolar transistors, both PNP and NPN
  • Includes test leads

Additional information

Weight 112 g
Dimensions 130 × 105 × 30 mm


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