ESPFlasher ESP8266 / ESP32 USB serial flasher


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Espressif ESP8266, ESP8285, and ESP32 chips require a specific sequence of events to put them into bootloader mode, ready to accept new software.

The ESPFlasher implements the “ESPFlash” programming header convention in a 1×6, 0.1″ format. It includes a USB-C interface with an onboard 3.3V regulator to power the target device, and connections for GPIO0 and RESET so that it can automatically put the MCU into bootloader mode.


  • ESPFlash header format (1×6, 0.1″ version)
  • USB-C interface.
  • CP2012N USB-to-Serial converter chip.
  • 600mA 3.3V regulator.
  • Power, TX, and RX activity LEDs.


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Weight 6 g
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 10 mm


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