AXA Remote WiFi Interface


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Add WiFi control to the AXA Remote 2.0 electric window motor.

The AXA Remote 2.0 uses either an infra-red remote control for manual control, or a LIN Bus interface for integration with compatible home automation systems. It can be powered batteries, or via an external power source.

This module sits inside the battery compartment and connects to the LIN Bus interface of the controller, giving it a WiFi interface for integration with home automation systems via MQTT.

WiFi devices aren’t practical to run long-term on batteries, so the module is designed to mount inside the battery compartment of the AXA Remote 2.0 where the batteries would normally go. Power is supplied using the external power connecter.

Note: This project is not yet available, because I’ve been experimenting with a couple of different versions and then got distracted by other things! I’ve designed versions for both ESP-01 and ESP-12 modules, and with various power supply options. I’m also skeptical about the safety of using WiFi to control physical access to a house: if someone manages to take remote control of a window motor, they can get into the building.

I’ll get back to this project if people are interested in it.



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