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New product: Sonoff Programming Adapter

If you want to load new software onto a Sonoff, you can use jumper wires to link a USB-to-Serial adapter to the programming header of the Sonoff. However, it’s easy to make a mistake, and loose jumper wires can be really annoying.

This cool little programming adapter simply plugs into a common FTDI-type header, and then plugs into your Sonoff.

No more jumper wires. No more looking up the pinout every time you have to connect them!

This little adapter is going to be featured in the next episode of SuperHouse, which will show how to put any Sonoff model (even new ones that haven’t been released yet) into programming mode.

Check it out in the online store.

5 thoughts on “New product: Sonoff Programming Adapter

  1. Wow, this will be great !!

  2. Could you look into making an adapter to flash the Tuya modules, as well?

    Sonoff has done an amazing job of challenging the DIY enthusiast, but I believe that Shelly will supplant them – especially when Shelly modules get their UL listing next month or the month after.

    What is going to change the market for everyone else (not DIY enthusiasts) is the huge influx of devices based on the Tuya modules. Tuya has an ecosystem of over 3,000 manufacturers making devices and components for devices, all based on those three modules. They’re standardized and all based on the ESP8266, many of them are already UL and CE certified. When you can get two smart plugs for the cost of one TP-Link or Wemo, that’s going to shake things up.

    1. This is the first time I’ve heard of Tuya. I’ll have a look at what they make.

  3. First comment didn’t post.

    My question was if you can make an adapter for the Tuya modules?

    While SOnoff did a lot to challenge the DIY enthusiast, the Tuya modules are changing the consumer marketplace. UL and CE certified plugs and other devices are rapidly moving into the market (anything that uses the Smart Life app) – these devices are half the cost of existing brands, or less, and are all based on one of three ESP8266 modules made by Tuya.

  4. I’d love it if you could make an adapter for the Tuya modules as well! I bought a few of these and I’d like to be able to use them with more than just their smartphone app.

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