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#42: The ESPFlash programming header for ESP8266 / ESP32

There are far too many one-off programming headers for Espressif MCUs. I wanted a simple programming header that I could use consistently across my projects, and I was surprised that there hasn’t been any consensus around a single header.

This is my attempt to specify a header format that can be used in future ESP8266 / ESP32 projects, and hopefully could even be adopted by companies that make popular products based on Espressif chips.


4 thoughts on “#42: The ESPFlash programming header for ESP8266 / ESP32

  1. Leading the way, good job Jon

  2. I’m not into using the ESP devices other than the Sonoff/Tasmota based on your advice. However it was a very interesting presentation and I hope it does lead to a new standard (or 2).


    I’ve been trying to fin d a standardised pinout. So far I’ve found two – which differ by a single shift – and this is a third way. It may be that it’s better and has good support but I’d like to know that that’s the case.

    1. I showed 9 pinout variations in the video, and also referenced XKCD 927 🙂

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