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#19: Husqvarna Automower basics

Why mow the lawn yourself, when you can have a robot do it for you?

Husqvarna have very kindly supplied me with an Automower 320, which is a mid-range robot lawnmower that’s suitable to mid to large size suburban gardens.

Normally I like to focus on low-cost, DIY home automation projects, but this is just too good to pass up! In this episode I explain how the Automower works, how it’s different to a traditional manual mower, and (most importantly!) how my pets react to it.

In future episodes I’m going to try some creative things with the Automower. I can’t go totally crazy because the mower is supplied by Husqvarna as part of a pilot program and I’m not allowed to open it or modify it (yet!) but there are still some fun things we can do without voiding the warranty or having it repossessed.

The Automower range is listed on the Australian Husqvarna site:

Disclosure: Husqvarna provided me with this mower as part of the Test Pilot program.

1 thought on “#19: Husqvarna Automower basics

  1. Hej Jonathan Oxer.
    My english is not good, but i will try anyway. First, thank you for your grate videos on youtube, i have seen some off them , and will fore sure see more.
    About the robot lawnmover. In Denmark where i live, the advertisements for robot lawnmovers often sayes that it is made whit a gps, to increse posision aqurysie , but i have newer understod how that works. The best gps systems in Denmark that i know off, can only calculate a pocision within 10 m, or some thing like that, and i thing that is to no good any lawns. Do you know what a robot lawnmover youse a gps for. My regards Soren from Denmark.

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