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Vlog #69: Easy laser-cut PCB tray

I needed PCB trays to keep boards organised during the production process, so I laser-cut a simple design.

The trays used by professional PCB assemblers are usually made from static-dissipative material that can also withstand immersion in an ultrasonic bath. My design isn’t intended as a replacement for those, but just as a handy way for hobbyists to keep small batches of boards organised on the workbench or shelves. This is much better than stacking populated PCBs on top of each other because it saves the parts and boards being scratched or damaged.

The source files for this project have been published at

The Fusion360 file includes parameters so that you can tune the material thickness and the slot size to suit your own requirements. There is also a parameter for board width, but it’s broken at the moment.

DXFs have also been included, for 3mm MDF and 2mm PCB slots.

3 thoughts on “Vlog #69: Easy laser-cut PCB tray

  1. Nice work! You can make a jig for your jig. But what happens if that jig needs a jig if it’s own? Got a good chuckle out of the magic painting part 🙂

  2. Hi Jon,

    Ahh the problems with CNCing fibreglass the PCB is very abrasive as I am sure you are aware, I would guess that the milling bits were blunt when you ran into problems (been there done that). The finished result now looks great. How about next time photograph the PCB tiled area and stick that to the corflute and go down that path. Much easier with a similar (maybe not quite as good) result.

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