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Vlog #65: SuperHouse now has a Discord server!

I’ve resisted for ages, so viewer Lorenzo took matters into his own hands and set up a Discord server for SuperHouse 🙂

Within 24 hours of being announced, there are now more than 200 people on the server! To join the discussion about SuperHouse projects, home automation, MQTT, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Tasmota, and many other things, go to this link for an invitation:

1 thought on “Vlog #65: SuperHouse now has a Discord server!

  1. Hi Jon,

    Your new light switch controller looks amazing.. Your current version only supports 16 light switches (or maybe 15, depends on the Ether mega usage), I will have about 20 light switches in my new house, so will be doing some fancy wiring to combine 2 light switches to a single port. But with the new controller this problem will be solved, cannot wait!

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