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Shipping has resumed after storms

After being without power and Internet, things have now returned to normal at the SuperHouse so I’ve been able to pack and ship orders again this week.

Please note that I still can’t ship international orders as “letter” class. That option is displayed at checkout for small items because the shipping calculator still thinks it’s valid, but Australia Post won’t accept them.

I have customers placing orders using “International Letter” as the shipping method all the time, and I always have to cancel the order and provide a refund. Please don’t select that method! If I could disable the option in the shopping cart, I would.

International orders are fine at “Standard” class or above though.

Thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Shipping has resumed after storms

  1. Password protected?

    Posted on July 4, 2021 by Jonathan Oxer
    Protected: #45: Tasmota conversion with a direct serial connection

    Hi Jonathan, can you please tell me what password this refers to? Thank you!

    1. New episodes are made available to Patreon supporters and GitHub Sponsors for a while before they become public. In this case the page is still a draft, and the video hasn’t been uploaded yet. I’ve been working on it today so hopefully it will be up this weekend, then public a little while after that.

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