Light Switch RJ45 Breakout (2-Button)


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2-button light switch breakout board with an RJ45 connector, allowing cheap and simple twisted pair cable (the same as used for most Ethernet) to link your home automation light switches to a light switch controller using a matching RJ45 breakout.

This same breakout can also be used to make a single-button panel, simply by installing one button and fitting it to button position 2 on the PCB.

Note: does not include the buttons! We sell the buttons separately so that you can mix and match the colours. Blue is the most common, but white, red, and other colours are also available. You can even put different colours on the same switch panel to distinguish between different uses, such as lights and blinds.

This breakout is designed to allow you to make your own light switches using whatever wall plate style matches the decor of your house. Buy a blank wall plate from a local hardware or electrical store, and follow our Light Switch Assembly Guide to mark, drill, and fit the parts to the plate.


  • Fits 2 LED-illuminated buttons (sold separately in various colours)
  • Includes onboard 4K7 current limiting resistors so the buttons will illuminate with a soft glow at 12V without being too bright

Matching Buttons


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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 20 mm


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