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Jon’s Walktime Blog #38: Drone wars

Time to start putting together a drone. Thanks James for dropping off some parts!

1 thought on “Jon’s Walktime Blog #38: Drone wars

  1. Hi Jon,
    Love your work, both electronics and the vids. I’m always looking forward to your next post!
    I’ve just recently become interested in drones and rc topics of all kinds, their uses and the technology used. Even my wife is very interested. Unfortunately I am disabled with arthritis and sixty years old and on a fixed pension so I’ve got to watch how I spend! I’ve needed to learn patience when came to saving for our projects.
    During your hunt for components, did you find any sources that provide value-for-money parts? I plan to build a drone with four motors with a camera that could possibly be tilted remotely using a servo perhaps.

    All the best


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