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International shipping suspended

Because of the decrease in international travel over the last couple of months, the postal service doesn’t have enough flights available to carry international letters and parcels.

As of this week, Australia Post can’t process “Economy” class international packages at all. Some premium classes of package, such as trackable services and International Express, are still being accepted at post offices. However, even these more expensive shipping options are experiencing weeks of delays.

Sadly, this means that I simply can’t ship international packages at the moment. I can still ship orders to Australian customers without any problems: domestic packages are being processed and transported as normal. It’s the lack of international flights that is the big problem.

I’ve now turned off all shipping methods for international customers.

The moment that the postal service has resumed international service, I’ll turn international shipping back on. Until then, I can only process orders for Australian customers.

I’m really sorry about that 🙁

In the meantime, please join the SuperHouse Discord chat server and the SuperHouse forum, and join me every Sunday at 10am Melbourne time for a livestream to chat about whatever fun projects we’re working on during the lockdown! This period of isolation can be hard, but we can also use it as an opportunity to connect more online and learn from each other.


5 thoughts on “International shipping suspended

  1. Can i get a notification when international shipping resumes?

  2. Good’ay from the U.S. Have you had any conversations about or made arrangements to have your designs sold by someone here in the US? I just went out and bought a sparkfun Beefy 3 (yes, not the same but served my purpose) but would have much rather purchased your design. If I didn’t mind spending the time and $’s I would have downloaded your files and made my own. Seemed insane for me for a sub $20 item.

    Thank you for all of your contributions/efforts/ and great ideas and designs.


  3. Has international shipping been returned yet? Looking to get some of your products in Canada!

    Also, is there possibility of adding more of your items to Robotshop?

    Love your work!



  4. I Just placed my order and payed befor you suspended international shipping. Is it still being processed or you haven‘t shipped at all?

    1. Hi Oliver, your package was shipped on Tuesday. International shipping was suspended back in April 2020, but has been working OK again for a while now. “Standard” class packages and above are getting through, although “Letter” class is still suspended and “Economy” class can take months. Your order was shipped using “Standard” class so it should arrive in a couple of weeks. You should have received notification emails at different stages of the packing and shipping process.

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