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Checkout problems in the online store

I’ve heard from a few people that they’ve tried making purchases from my new online store, but haven’t been able to complete checkout. A couple of people have reported that they couldn’t checkout, then tried again later and it worked – even though I hadn’t changed anything.

My theory is that the problem is with the Australia Post shipping calculation plugin that I’m using with WooCommerce. When you get to the part of the checkout where you enter your address, it uses the size and weight of your order to look up the shipping cost with Australia Post before you can complete the checkout. For some people this doesn’t seem to work, so it just sits there and goes nowhere.

Obviously this is really frustrating and I’d like to make sure it’s fixed, so if you have any problems with the online store please email me at Having more information about exactly when the problem shows up would be a big help.

I’ve checked that all the products have weights and dimensions specified, but perhaps it has problems with some countries or specific destinations.

Sorry about the inconvenience 🙁

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  1. Have you looked to PayPal as being one source of your checkout problems?

    Over the years I have used PayPal to purchase thousands of dollars of items from eBay sellers. But recently, with both eBay and Banggood, if I try to use PayPal, the transaction fails. No one seems interested in fixing the problem so I just go ahead and use my credit card. This situation is quite annoying.

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