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#6: Electronic door locks

Door locks are one of the most useful things to control from your home automation system. Using electronic locks you can give your house central locking just like your car, control them from your phone or via the Internet, or even control them using an RFID tag or implant.

I modified a Lockwood Nexion keyless lock to allow it to be controlled by an Arduino, and linked it to my home automation system.

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“EtherMega” (Arduino Mega with onboard Ethernet) mentioned in the video

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  1. Hi Mate I’m wanting to do something similar but for my car. I have spoken to someone on Fiverr and they can do the coding for me all I need is the hardware. So I’m hopping to order from your site as much as I can. The relays you use can I use something like this ? I plan on useing Bluetooth to connect via my phone. When my phone is in range my car should unlock and when it’s out of range lock. Down the track I might look at installing a rfid reader as an extra backup. Could you recommend the parts I would need for this.

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