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#26: Make your own home automation light switches

In the last episode I showed you how to make an Arduino based, rack-mount home automation light switch controller. This time I’m showing you how to make the switches themselves.

More online documentation will follow soon: I’m about to jump on a plane to China so I’m starting this upload before I leave, and I’ll have to do the rest later!


4 thoughts on “#26: Make your own home automation light switches

  1. Hi,
    Awesome video, as usual but you usually leave a link to the shop and to the schemas in your videos and I miss it for this one.
    I hope it’s because you’re in China and you’ll add them when you’re back to home 🙂

    Thanks for all your videos, they are very useful!

  2. Can you link up these pcb in the store, I can’t find them plus your source for the switches, they look a bit like the bunnings ones.

  3. Yes, for anyone wondering about the links to design files etc for this episode, it will be coming soon. I was packing to go to the airport while the video was uploading. Right now I’m in Shenzhen, China, recording plenty of video and taking photos showing where most of the world’s electronics comes from.

  4. Oddly enough I had just come about to using the edge detection method for switches while planning my setup

    I am hoping to do a retro fit system with sonoff devices in a North American home with out a total rewire.

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