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#22: AXA Electric Window Motors Controlled By LIN Bus And Arduino

Electric window motors allow your home automation system to open and close your windows as required. This could be useful for opening windows to allow ventilation, or to make sure all windows are automatically closed and locked when you leave home.

I recently got my hands on some AXA electric window motors that include a LIN bus interface so they can be linked to a home automation system, but I’ve never used LIN before so I needed to learn a bit about how it works. I designed my own LIN interface module that allows me to connect my laptop to LIN devices and manually send messages, and the module also allows an Arduino to control the window motors.

Parts used

Source code

Simple example that provides a menu and sends commands to a single LIN interface: AXARemoteSerialLinbus

More complex example which includes MQTT, DHCP, reading a MAC address ROM, 4 LIN interfaces, a watchdog timer, and a temperature / humidity sensor: AXAWindowMQTT

Instructions and explanation

More details to follow! I’ll update this after the video is ready.

One thought on “#22: AXA Electric Window Motors Controlled By LIN Bus And Arduino

  1. Hi,

    What motors/equipment are you using to control the Shades in the conservatory?

    I’ve seen there is AXIS (Coming soon) and MOVEZ (Coming soon) but wanted to know which ones you used and I couldn’t see a post / reference to it elsewhere.



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