Jonathan’s RFID implant and the SuperHouse have been featured all over the world on both television and radio and also in newspapers and magazines. It is estimated that in excess of 25 million people globally have been exposed to media coverage related to the project.

Jonathan is available for interviews on topics related to home automation, hardware hacking, RFID technology, Open Source software, Internet technology, e-business, and related issues. Please contact if you wish to schedule an interview.

Computerworld Australia

magazine-computerworld Computerworld magazine in Australia ran a very extensive story about Jonathan’s hardware hacking and home automation exploits on February 14th, 2008. Titled “Oxer on hardware hacking and the meaning of (Second) Life”, it went into detail about the techniques he uses to link physical objects such as modified household appliances into virtual reality systems including Second Life. Read it online.

Computerworld Australia

Another story from Computerworld which was also carried by PC World, Linux World, and Linux Online on February 14th, 2008. Read it online.


website-slashdotOne of the highest-traffic websites in the world, the tech news site Slashdot ran a story on February 14th, 2008 with a reference to the Computerworld story. Read it online.

The Age / Sydney Morning Herald

Both The Age and Sydney Morning Herald carried an extensive story titled “Meet Australia’s geekiest geek” about Jonathan’s RFID implant and home automation system. The story appeared in both the print and online editions, and the online versions included a photo gallery called “Home, sweet high-tech gizmo home” with pictures of the SuperHouse.

Channel 7 News

tv-7newsChannel 7 ran a feature on Jonathan’s RFID implant and the SuperHouse in their prime-time TV evening news on March 4th, 2008. TV personality Nick McCallum visited the SuperHouse and interviewed Jonathan, receiving a personal demonstration of door locks controlled by Jonathan’s RFID implant. See it on YouTube.

Channel 10 News

tv-10newsChannel 10 ran a feature on Jonathan’s RFID implant and the SuperHouse in their prime-time TV evening news on March 4th, 2008, and repeated the story in their late-night news the same day. See it on YouTube.

Channel 7 “Sunrise” with Kochie and Mel

tv-7sunriseKochie and Mel did a live cross to the SuperHouse during their top-rated morning TV show on March 5th, 2008, where Jonathan did a walkthrough of the house and demonstration of his RFID implant, controlling door locks from his mobile phone, and controlling electric curtains and lighting in the bathroom using a web interface. See it on YouTube.

Radio 3AW with Neil Mitchell

Top-rated radio talk-show host Neil Mitchell and producer Selby-Lynn Bradford interviewed Jonathan in early March 2008: Selby-Lynn visited the SuperHouse for a demonstration of the automation systems and RFID implant.

The Cage on Triple-M

In March 2008 Jonathan spoke to the team from radio station Triple-M’s The Cage in Brisbane who were all very interested in his home renovations and RFID implant.

Nova FM

Jonathan did a live interview on radio station Nova FM on March 5th, 2008.

BBC World Service Radio News

radio-bbcworldnewsEven the British got in on the act! Jonathan was interviewed live on BBC World Service Radio News, one of the highest-rated radio services on the planet with tens of millions of listeners.

Radio Live New Zealand

Jonathan was interviewed in March 2008 by Marcus Lush during his prime-time morning drive program.

Radio 4BC

Radio personalities Peter Dick and Ross Davie interviewed Jonathan live during their prime-time morning show in early March 2008.

Radio 6PR

radio-6prJonathan did an interview about his RFID implant and home automation with Radio 6PR in Perth in March 2008.

Radio 2UE with Steve Price

Jonathan did a live interview with Steve Price on Radio 2UE in Sydney in March 2008.

Radio 5 Live on BBC

Jonathan did an interview about his RFID implant on Radio 5 Live, London.

Connected Home Australia magazine

The Australian magazine for home automation professionals will be carrying a story about Jonathan’s home automation work in the next edition.

Beijing Youth Weekend

A Chinese weekly newspaper focusing on youth lifestyle and internet culture, Beijing Youth Weekend did a full-page spread on Jonathan’s RFID implant and his approach to modifying household appliances in March 2008.

Thanh Dat Magazine

A Vietnamese magazine which will be running a feature on Jonathan and the SuperHouse in their April edition.

Computerworld New Zealand

Computerworld magazine in New Zealand ran a story titled “Ohm sweet ohm: Linux versus Vista smart homes” on March 12th, 2008. Read it online.

Good News Week

It’s almost an honor to be insulted by Paul McDermott! Comedy TV show Good News Week made Jonathan’s uber-nerd status the lead story on their show as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on April 14th, 2008. See it on YouTube.

The Podcast Network

In early March Jonathan did a video interview with well-known blogger/podcaster Cameron Reilly, founder of The Podcast Network. See part 1 on YouTube.